Evelor Savior is currently on Planet Earth to help people live in delicious joy daily and expand their self-happiness without feeling guilty about it. She was born clairaudient and her journey as an intuitive energy healer started around the age of four years old - shortly after both of her parents transitioned. Through working with her spiritual team, Evelor has successfully healed herself of major health imbalances and overcame suicidal depression and traumas from domestic violence and sexual abuses. She now lives to empower others to be phenomenal through her fun workshops, books, music, wellness programs, social media, and through her show:                 Angelic Life Talk on YouTube and Cable TV. 


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"Great Morning Evelor!!! I am J. H from your workshop last night at A Time for Karma. I am elated to tell you that My fear of loss of love was at a 10 last night and prior to leaving at the end it was at a "0" but I didn't want to jinx myself and say it out loud.

But today TODAY TODAY I still feel so clean and reborn and alive alive alive. More alive than I have been in over 14 YEARS!!!!!!! Thank You so VERY VERY VERY VERY Much!!!! Can you call me      later. ANY Time is fine! I CANNOT STOP SMILING!!!!!                                   Thank YOU SO MUCH!!" - J.H, Long Island - NY

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